Below are some tips on enjoying your time with us and safety guidline. please take the time to read through fully and print out for your future reference.

Choosing the right class is vital if you want to get the most from Yoga. At the Kilkenny School of Yoga we work as a team, offering no obligation trial classes and telephone consultations so that you can make an informed choice when booking a class.

Yoga is practised in bare feet; please remove your shoes in the upstairs foyay and enter the studio in bare feat. During practice hands and faces make contact with the floor so cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Clothing needs to be loose or stretchy, easy to move in and comfortable.( tracksuit or leggings, not jeans)

If you do not have a yoga mat there are mats at the studio that you can use.

Yoga is a quiet experience, please be aware that classes may be going on in the studios as you arrive. Wait in the foyay, your teacher will welcome you into your class a few minuets before start time, if you have arrived late please remove your shoes outside the studio door and enter as quietly as possible.

Practice safely and enjoy

Yoga is designed to keep a healthy body healthy and does not fix injures. You must tell your Yoga teacher if you have any injury’s, old or new before you start.

Do not practice on a full stomach. Allow 2 hours after a light meal or a snack and 3 hours after a heavy meal.

Don’t force anything (ever). Yoga should never be painful. Stretch until you feel it but never to the point of pain.

Practice each posture equally on both sides( count the breaths).

Remember the counter pose to anything that you do. A gentle backbend after a strong forward bend, always neutralise the possibility of negative side affects of a posture.

Don’t do anything you are not happy, confident, and reasonably comfortable about doing.

Remember any contra indications( make notes on your workout sheet). Watch your breath, listen for warning signs of stress. The breath should remain full, calm, and easy.

If you are practising early in the day remember that we are stiffer in the morning; take it slow and be especially careful with backbends before midday.

Practice in the sequence suggested. This Yoga workout has been designed with the more difficult poses at the end, and with counter poses through out so if you do not have time for a full workout you need to plan carefully ensuring that you do a balanced practice with a warm up and finishing sequence. Always allow at least 5 minutes relaxation time.

Establishing a home practice can take time. Be patent; Yoga is a lifelong journey. Think long-term, were do you want your Yoga practice to be next year? in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Buy a Yoga mat . They are sticky so you are less likely to slip and hurt yourself.

Building a ritual can help with the feeling of relaxation. Take the phone of the hook, practice away from interruptions. Light incense or burn a scented candle; in time you will associate the smell with the calm of your Yoga practice. This will help you get into The Yoga Zone more quickly and easily.

Keep a Yoga journal.

Kilkenny School of Yoga will not be liable for injury sustained during
or as a result of any exercise you choose to undertake.

Enjoy the experience